Experiencing this journey provides you with different challenges and dimensions in your life. Explore the mountains, the sand dunes, and all of the varied and exotic places of this lovely country, while tasting the best local food, like the sampling olives, dried fruits, nuts, pastries, and other Moroccan specialties.

Every time we experience Morocco feels like the first time! Morocco always has something special and it just keeps getting better and better. The variety of landscapes, the mountain paths, the Berber villages, or the sand dunes of the Sahara become a true inspiration for a trip of knowledge, as we experience the nature and the local culture.
Travel with us and enjoy enriching experiences on the best destinations in Morocco. We will give you a detailed briefing containing basic information about the country, on how to get along your ride or hike, and ensure that you feel supported no matter what type of tour you choose.

How it all began

Our Story

We started organizing tours in Morocco in 2010 with the belief that other travelers would share the same aspiration for adventure tourism, concerning culture, nature, and people. At that time, we had nothing more than love for travel and adventure, associated with a conviction that the planet earth is a great place to discover and respect.

Time has passed and we’ve grown, but our desire to give our clients the best experience hasn’t changed.

A great tour agency

Why Morocco Nature Trails?

Because we can change your travel experience for the better and give you a lifechanging experience.

Explore the wildest and most preserved regions of Morocco, while tasting the best local and traditional food. Discover the lively souks full of colors and let your mind delight with this incredible country.

While traveling with us, you will be transformed and inspired to contribute to a better world.


Great Tours

Discover the best of Morocco as you immerse in a true cultural experience. We offer guided hiking and cycling tours that explore the most beautiful landscapes and highlights that you can find in Morocco.

24/7 Support

Live an authentic experience with our local guides but without being apart from a familiar language. We are always present on every single adventure, always by your side.

Excellent Hotels & Riads

The accommodations can make your holiday memorable! From the well-appointed luxury hotels to remote mountains Gites, we know and choose each accommodation personally, always ensuring your future good memories, trying always to find the character of each place, and the charm of days gone by.

Great Team

At Morocco Nature Trails we are passionate about travel and our work! Our greatest delight is to share with our customers the beautiful hidden trails, cuisine, and culture that guidebooks don’t offer and help them to discover and feel the real Morocco!

Transfer & Luggage

We take care of everything, from luggage to the transfers. You simply need to hike or cycle, leaving the “real world” cares behind.

Credit Cards accepted

We accept Credit Card payments, as well as bank/wire transfers and PayPal. Let us know which is more convenient for you!