We pride ourselves on our selection of accommodations and we believe that matching them with great walks, hikes, and cycle rides, provides the most pleasurable way to experience all that Morocco has to offer. We carefully choose each place with an eye towards the most authentic and exceptional surroundings, as also finding the perfect balance between comfort, charm, and amenity.
Depending on where the adventure takes us, and because each trip is different and unique, our priority is to find the places with the finest and highest levels of comfort. From the well-appointed luxury hotels to the remote mountains Gites, we seek for the character of each village and the charm of days gone by.
We use a simple grading system to give you an idea of what kind of accommodation you will staying on each tour. The grading system begins with Basic, where you can stay in Gite d’Etapes or tents, and goes up to Deluxe, 5-star hotels, Riads or Fixed Camps, where you can relax and enjoy fantastic pools, spas, and exquisite service.


Exploring Morocco is always an adventure, especially if you aim to discover and unearth its secret highlights. It can be challenging, but it’s always an extraordinary experience. As you go on an adventure, you can expect a mix of accommodations, from the standard tents on the hilltop, where you feel the morning sun waking up, to the 5-star hotels and Riads where you can relax in fantastic pools. For sure, you will discover and have the best of Morocco’s experience.

Expedition tour at Atlas mountains in Morocco

When in an expedition, it’s all about the experience. The goal is taking you into exceptional and memorable places, giving you the privilege to find the best wonders of Morocco. On expedition, you can expect to be awoken as the morning light begins to shine into your tend and have the best breakfast of your life in the middle of the mountains. You will see, do, feel, and experience things in no other way possible, and in the end, you will have incredible stories to share!

Gite d'etape

When hiking or cycling through the remote areas of Morocco it’s not always possible to stay at first-class accommodations. Sometimes, the authenticity of the tour is experiencing a true outdoor feeling. Here, you will find primarily simply accommodations including Gites or tents (standard camping) with the basic facilities.

A mix of simple and charming accommodations as Gites, Riads, Luxury/Fixed camps, or 3-star hotels with a good quality service, high comfort, and a personalized atmosphere, which will provide a pleasant stay and a good rest.


Primarily charming and first-class accommodations, with the best accommodations available in remote locations. You can stay in Riads or Charming 4-star hotels, or Luxury/Fixed camps which have a special atmosphere and a cozy design, with a superior level of service and a fantastic comfort that will let you relax and prepare for the next stage of the tour.

All superior and first-class accommodations. You will stay in Riads, Luxury/Fixed camps, or 5-star hotels in a unique and memorable experience where you will be amazed by luxury, comfort, and attention to detail. You can relax in an idyllic setting with stunning scenery and enjoy the fantastic pools, spas, and exquisite service, that will offer you a memorable stay.


Grading hotels in Morocco can be very confusing since there are many types of accommodations. Below you can see the differences between them.

Hotels in Morocco are distinguished between those that are classified by the Moroccan touristic board and those that aren’t. They start their grading with Simple, Rustic, and Charming (2-star hotels) and go up to Deluxe/Ultra Luxury (5-star hotels).

Accommodations in simple, rustic, or charm hotels, have a good quality service, comfort, and personalized atmosphere, which will provide a pleasant stay and a good rest. Some of them have a great location. Accommodations in 5-star hotels provide a unique and memorable experience where you will be amazed by luxury, comfort, and attention to detail.

In all cases, we always carefully choose each hotel trying to find the character in each of them, ensuring in person that the desired conditions and facilities are assured. It’s our mission to guarantee that your holidays will be unforgettable in every way!


Riads are a type of traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard, usually with trees and a fountain. Riads are famous since they provide an authentic experience of Moroccan culture and tradition. They are heritage buildings designed originally to provide wealthy families with privacy and comfort with all rooms facing in towards a central courtyard, the heart of the building.

Their name comes from the Arabic word for garden. The inside wall of a riad will often have colorful tilework and ornamental plasterwork.

Riads aren’t large establishments and many have less than ten rooms. The size, décor, and level of luxury of guest rooms vary from budget-friendly to top end accommodations.

Gite d'etape

Gîte d’Etape or Mountain Refuges are generally old farmworker’s cottages converted to holiday cottages, generally very well kept with many facilities. Gitês work as a stopover getaway off the beaten track for groups of walkers and cyclists.

The term gîte originally meant simply a form of shelter, but nowadays they vary from being luxury holiday homes to very basic apartments.

Luxury Camping at Morocco

Fixed camps are a type of Luxury camp, where tents are bigger (some can be very large), and can have proper bedding with some furniture (depending on the camp). In luxury camping, you will find the usual bathroom facilities in your tent or an attached tent (like you would be stepping into another room). Note that you might not always get running water in a luxury camp, especially if you are planning a trip to Erg Chegaga, where water is very rare.
Luxury Camps can have as basic facilities as the standard camps. Others though provide many relaxing places around the camp such as cushions, salons, sun loungers. They generally have restaurants, and some might even have a kitchen on the property.

Expedition tents at Morocco

The traditional camping tents also called expedition tents.
Standard tents are generally made of black wool, and inside you find carpets or blankets covering the floor and some type of bedding. It can be only a mattress, but some camps have beds. Blankets and pillows are provided, so no need to bring a sleeping bag. Standard camps usually have toilets located behind the camp and shared with everyone staying in camp (though some camps don’t have toilets at all). Toilets in standard camp will generally have some odor, you should be prepared for it. Standard camps don’t have any built facilities. They might have some basic restaurant set up as a dining tent, but most have just a campfire where meals are served. They are set up for one night only for clients arriving in the evening and leaving the next morning.