Imperial Cities of Morocco



Discover Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh, and Rabat, the imperial cities of Morocco!
Their rich history featuring an exciting mix of cultures makes them fascinating places to explore. These four historic cities have played pivotal roles in the history of this magnificent country since all have been throned as the capital of Morocco at some point. Apart from the historic facts, each one has its own ancient medinas and royal palaces, unique places characterized by a unique culture.
Let Morocco Nature Trails plunge you into the heart of Moroccan history and culture, where you can experience incredible paths and trails through the imperial cities of Morocco!

Deep Valleys of Morocco

Discover the exciting valleys of the Atlas mountains! An incredible hike expedition over the most beautiful landscapes of Morocco where you will have the possibility to walk throughout spectacular scenery considered the most beautiful of the Atlas.

Hidden Atlas Mountains

Prepare yourself to discover the stunning Atlas Mountains through appealing routes and numerous villages that appear locked in time. Explore the local flora and fauna. Visit the home of the Berbers, the original inhabitants of North Africa and in the meanwhile, taste their best typical dishes, teas, and bread, learn about this beautiful culture and be part of a lifetime adventure.

Morocco Explorer

Morocco Explorer will take you on an incredible walking and cultural experience through the most beautiful cities and landscapes of Morrocco.

Saghro Hiking

Discover a unique hiking experience as you immerse in the Saghro mountains of Morocco. Full of history and beautiful landscapes, this is a magnificent country.  Get to know the Berber culture, the nomad tribes of the Ait Atta and discover new tastes and the new smells in the air. Walk the mountains and see the beautiful colors of the desert with a starry night sky and sunrise to always remember.

The Secrets of Morocco

Welcome to a country rich in history and culture - Morocco! Discover the Berber culture, explore the markets, taste de different foods and teas. Visit UNESCO sites, gorges and valleys. Feel the most iconic experience of the desert - wake up and admire an amazing sunrise.

Toubkal Summit Hike

Come to the High Atlas Mountains and overcome yourself by trekking to the highest peak of northern Africa, Jbel Toubkal. Walk the mountains and meet other hikers and climbers in your starting point Imlil, go up and down the valleys, meet the local Berbers, their small towns and culture, camp under the most amazing starry sky and, of course, enjoy every moment of that wonderful feeling when arriving at the peak. It’s definitely an experience which you’ll always remember!