Morocco’s culture has something mystical and inspiring.
On a sightseeing tour, you will discover the great wonders of this magnificent country as you experience what feels like to be Moroccan. Eat like a local, taste typical dishes and teas. Practice their language, learn incredible stories from older people, and know more about their traditions. Visit the markets and try to haggle for a good deal.
Explore Imperial Cities and admire the incredibly well-preserved palaces, where you can see the stunning architecture and walk through recognized UNESCO sites such as Ouarzazate. Get lost in the vibrant city of Marrakesh, known as the most European city of Africa, and discover a world unto itself. Enjoy the energy of Jemaa al Fina, a place that is always alive and glows at night with snake charmers, fires, and storytellers. Let your mind guide you through the incredible magic of this true country.
Experience Morocco, as you stay in Hotels and Riads, travel by car to visit new places and enjoy activities with a private guide, such as small walks in cities or just local shopping.
The biggest advantage of sightseeing is that you just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy Morocco in a unique cultural experience!